Couples photoshoots can be a bit awkward, right? You try to act natural whilst a third-wheeling photographer that you've just met takes pictures of you and your other half kissing. I'm not a huge fan of the rigid posed clichés that usually come from these types of shoots, I like do things a little differently. In my couples shoots, we'll meet at the location and I'll tell you jokes that are so bad they're kind of funny and encourage you to kick back and have fun.

You can dance around, play games, give each other piggy-backs, tell me about how you met, splash about in the waves, have leaf fights in the autumn or snowball fights in the winter. I want to capture the true dialogue of your relationship and provide you with photographs that truly display how you felt in the moment they were taken. No, some of the photos won't be completely candid, but that doesn't mean you can't be having fun whilst they're being taken. So if you want to meet up, have a laugh and capture some memories, I would love to hear from you!  


Sleep on the Floor - The Lumineers
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