I love children and their individual, unpolished personalities that start to shine through at such an unbelievably young age. As they get older, they become aware of themselves and often hide their sparkle away for the lucky few that are closest to them. But, right now, they run free and wild, speak their mind, dance in the mud without worrying about their hair getting messy, befriend insects, go on imaginary adventures and love you unconditionally. These little quirks are the moments I want to capture. Why bribe your child for ice cream if they sit still and smile for some portraits when we can go to the park, beach or woods, run about and have fun whilst I capture true moments of joy and silliness from their youth?  (But don't worry, we can still capture a few family portraits for the grandparents once we've finished running about and their little legs are tired!)

I can't wait to meet you and your little rascals! 

Celeste - Ezra Vine
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